Wednesday, 12 October 2011

BlackBerry Failures: Seventeen Dead.

Since the faults, many have renounced
technology and opted instead for
traditional blackberries. 
BlackBerry outages experienced since Monday 10th October have caused at least 17 deaths worldwide, with more suspected to be injured.

The faults- currently ongoing for the third day and spreading to previously unaffected areas such as North America- affect BlackBerry internet, email and messenger (BBM) services.

With the loss of such basic human rights, many customers have taken to the internet to express their complaints. 'THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE OUTRAGE #nomorepornonthego' Tweeted Bill Holmes, 57, Surrey.

However, there is a much darker side to the story.

Since Monday, 17 deaths relating to the faults have been reported. Anne Macatear, 21, Brighton tragically died in the early hours of Tuesday morning, when the loss of her map app caused her to get lost and fall off a bridge. Four hours later, in Essex, James Thornberry, 22, tragically took his own life after depression and panic induced by the BlackBerry failures.

Disturbing reports have emerged from Darlington, County Durham,where it appears Carlton Foster has murdered his wife and three young children in a rage spurred on by BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) withdrawal symptoms. Police were alerted by a neighbour at 04.37AM this morning who heard screams followed by the relentless tapping of BlackBerry keys.

The tragedy has caused worldwide outcry, with scientists of all specialties temporarily stopping their work -in areas such as stem-cell research and cancer prevention- to help restore and recover the BlackBerry. Charities have also been set up to aid those affected.

Abelo Okereke, 52, from Pibor, Africa, commented on the tragedy: "My town have decided to donate the money we were going to use for a water-pump to help those BlackBerry users tragically stripped of their basic needs and rights as human beings".