Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Incredibly Racist Child Causes Outcry.

A Youtube video titled 'My Tram Experience' depicting the racist rants of a woman and her son on a London tram has gone viral over the last few days. The footage shows Emma West, 34, addressing fellow passengers in a racist and aggressive manner, and has caused outcry on the internet.  

Recently, however, it has come to light that not all is as it seems with the outburst.

Allegedly, the child, who cannot be named for legal reasons, wrote his mother's speech a week in advance in attempt to get his political views heard. He cites his inability to make plosive and fricative sounds as the reason for adopting a spokesperson. 
The child and his favourite
toy: a saluting Adolf.

Video footage shows the young boy waving a flat cap- in an attempt to profess his uniquely British heritage. He then holds up what has been identified as an action figure of the German dictator Adolf Hitler, with its arm raised in a Nazi salute.  

Many are calling for the arrest of the boy, who has been termed 'the most racist child since baby Griffin', under the grounds of racial harassment. On Monday, the hashtag #mytramexperience was trending on social networking site Twitter, but by Tuesday the tag had changed to the much more specific #arrestracisttrambabyforlife. 

Unofficial sources have also quoted the child as saying: 'When I rule Britain, Rosa Parks won't be sitting at the back of the tram- she'll be under it'. 

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